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Property Management Solutions in Burlingame, CA

Owning an investment property can be stressful and time-consuming without the right assistance. At our local company, we offer a series of tried-and-true property management services. With our special step-by-step process, you will keep your income flowing without difficulties or worry. We work closely with property owners of everything from homes to retail locations. Turn to our property management team today to start on the process and begin to increase your earnings. Our thorough and proven management processes include all of the following steps below.

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How Property Management Works

Step 1: Sign a Management Agreement

The first step of working with our property management company requires you to sign an agreement with our team. For your convenience and safety, you are able to cancel this agreement at any time if you are not fully satisfied. We feature a 100% happiness guarantee for each of our services. 

Step 2: Property Inspection

Not all homes are created equal. When you turn to us for your property evaluation, our experienced managers are happy to advise you on the right value for your location. A member of our property management team will tour your house and provide you with an inspection report that includes images and descriptions of the condition of your home from a rental perspective.

Step 3: An Estimate

Once your inspection is complete, your report will let us know if your home is "rent-ready" or if it needs extra work. If it requires extra work, we are able to provide you with an estimate, or you are free to have the work estimated and completed on your own.

Step 4: Market Your House

Now that your home is ready, our investment property management team works to market it to thousands of qualified tenants in the Burlingame, CA, area. Marketing includes listings on dozens of websites, including our own.

Step 5: Screen Potential Tenants

Our five-step screening process is a top option for those looking for professional property management. This thorough background and check system includes all of the following:
  • Credit Check
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Income Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Previous Landlord References

Step 6: Move Your Tenants In

Our residential and commercial property management services help more than just property owners. We help make your tenant's move-in as efficient and hassle-free as possible by handling steps like duplication of keys, completing the move-in walkthrough, and filling out resident checklists.

Step 7: Collect Rent

Your landlord and tenant contract includes an agreement on monthly rent charges. As part of our property management services, we perform a full rent collection according to the terms of your contract.

Step 8: Celebrate the Tenant

Keep the dependable and likable tenants on your property happy by showing them some appreciation. It always helps to keep good tenants around by making them feel special.

Step 9: We Manage Your Property Worry Free!

Take the guesswork out of property management when you turn to us. Our experienced professionals are happy to work with you to make the process as easy and seamless as possible.

Contact our team to request our property management services for your unique needs. We are proud to feature property management solutions for clients located throughout Burlingame, California, and surrounding areas.