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Landlord Services in Burlingame, CA

Eliminate the worries associated with managing your own rental property when you hand off the task of landlord services to us. Our company deals exclusively in property management, which means we know every aspect of the field. With more than 32 years of combined experience, our professionals have navigated all of the responsibilities that landlords face. This makes us uniquely qualified to serve as a landlord for your property.

Our reputable company handles everything from marketing your residential property to conducting move-out inspections to tenant screen services. We do everything possible to make sure you get quality tenants to live in your rental properties for extended periods of time. Come to us for a stress-free experience. You can be completely hands-off when we are on your side.

Ask us to take the burden of managing tenants off your shoulders and allow us to handle the day-to-day responsibilities and long-term oversight of your rental property. Whether it is a single-family home, a duplex, an apartment, or a condominium, our professionals have the skill and experience to manage any type of property. Utilize our nationwide network for any assistance you need, including legal advice.

Consultant with Client in Burlingame, CA

Landlord Company Responds to 24/7 Maintenance Concerns

Gone are the days of figuring out how to handle an emergency when your tenant calls you in the middle of the night. We take the calls and correct the problem when you choose us for our landlord services. When a tenant has an emergency, you can sleep soundly while the issue is solved without any delay. Our professionals respond to 24/7 maintenance concerns when we are needed for assistance.

Being a landlord requires skills in many areas. Someone must collect the rent, keep track of the books, inspect properties, and clean up when tenants move out. All of this can be a little daunting when it’s just you, especially if you have more than one rental property. We offer a wide range of services that make life as a property owner easier for you.

Assign us to do the tasks that you do not have the time or inclination to handle. Or partner with our staff to manage all your responsibilities. We provide a package of essential services that gives you the help you need. Our property management company provides all of the following services:

  • Move-In Services
  • Rent Collection
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Tenant Screening
  • Home Inspections
  • Free Assessments
  • Eviction Services
  • Property Marketing
  • Move-Out Services

In-Depth Tenant Screening Services and More

Finding tenants to rent out your property is difficult, and finding responsible tenants can be challenging. Why spend your time poring over countless applications when we have a team that can do it for you in half the time? Our property management company has over three decades of interview and background check experience. We know how to spot a potentially mismatched tenant and never make an agreement with a possible tenant without verifying it with you first. Renting to people without running a credit and a background check is one way to set yourself up with future problems. Avoid future headaches and allow us to handle the tenant screening process.

Along with screening your tenants, our staff also ensures the rent is collected every month. When the tenant is late on their rent, it makes you late on the payments you need to make toward your property taxes and other expenses. In addition to that, our company has the resources and knowledge to know how to spot a bad check. We’re not afraid to enforce the rules, and if there is a late payment fee in the lease agreement, we’ll make sure to collect it and adhere to its requirements.

When a situation requires eviction, we take care of it for you. Because we live in a state that often comes down in the favor of the tenant, understanding the laws is essential for a successful eviction. We make sure all of your bases are covered in cases where you are forced to evict a tenant. You can rely on us to ensure that eviction is legal and for a good reason.

If an eviction does occur, know that we do everything we have to do to see that a new tenant takes over the lease. The longer your property goes unrented, the more money you lose. We don’t want to see that happen. Our professionals know how which listing sites to market your property. The list comes complete with a detailed review of the property and professional photos.

Homeowner's Association Services with Property Management

In addition to landlord services, we also provide homeowner's association (HOA) services for your condo rental. We represent you in matters pertaining to your interests in property maintenance. Your HOA likely has a long list of your responsibilities as a property owner. Our professionals have experience dealing with HOAs and make sure all of your responsibilities are met. We keep in touch with both the HOA and the renter on your behalf.

If we notice an issue on the exterior of your property that is the responsibility of the renter, we notify your tenants of the issue. The way your structure and outdoor area looks makes all of the difference in your reputation. We stand in during cases pertaining to homeowner's association services.

Contact us for help with landlord services. We are proud to serve clients in Burlingame, Daly City, South San Francisco, and San Carlos, California, as well as the surrounding San Mateo communities.